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An engineer is designing a spacesuit to be used for a long spacewalk. Why does he place a layer made of a similar material to a bulletproof vest on the outside of the suit?
a) To maintain a certain shape
b) To make the suit durable
c) To control the temperature
d) To protect from micrometeoroids

An astronaut, who has just returned from six months on the space station, has to be helped from the spacecraft once back on Earth. What is one reason the astronaut needs help?
a) Space food does not provide enough energy.
b) Living in zero gravity weakens muscles and bones.
c) Reentry had formed nitrogen bubbles in the astronaut’s blood.
d) The spacesuits are too heavy to be worn in Earth’s gravity.

Astronauts can talk with each other inside the space station, but once outside the station, they use radios to communicate. Why do they have to use the radio?
a) So they do not have to shout
b) Sound needs a medium (like air) in which to travel
c) The helmets muffle the sound
d) To translate into other languages

A student’s younger sibling was watching a news story about the possibility of water on Mars. The sibling asked, “Why is finding water so important?” Why is it important?
a) Scientists like to make discoveries.
b) Water is required for life to exist.
c) Only Earth has evidence of water.
d) All planets have evidence of water.

Mars cannot support life as we know it for which of the following reasons?
a) The atmosphere contains too much oxygen.
b) There is not enough liquid water to support life.
c) Mars is too close to the Sun.
d) Plants would be able to carry out photosynthesis but there are no animals to produce carbon dioxide.

Earth and Venus are about the same size, but Earth has a stronger gravitational pull than Venus. What is the one thing you can infer about Venus based on this information?
a) Venus has more oxygen in its atmosphere when compared to Earth.
b) Venus is a greater distance from the Sun than Earth.
c) Venus is more massive than Earth.
d) Venus is less massive than Earth.

What is the hottest planet in our Solar System?
a) Venus is the hottest because of its thick atmosphere of CO2.
b) Mercury is the hottest because it is closer to the Sun.
c) Mars is the hottest and that is why we call it the Red Planet.
d) Neptune is the hottest because it is further away from Earth

First planet from sun
a) Mercury
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Neptune

The Earth’s location in the Solar System allows it to receive radiant energy necessary for –
a) moon phases.
b) revolution
c) rotation
d) photosynthesis

As distance from the Sun increases, the surface temperature of a planet tends to-
a) increase
b) decrease
c) stay the same
d) There is no relationship between temperature and distance from the Sun.

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