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Cars with hybrid and electric motors
a) create less air pollution than convential cars
b) use solar panels for fuel
c) are no longer produced
d) use more fuel than conventional cars

What is the most important law passed to deal with air pollution
a) Clean Air Act
b) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
c) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
d) Clean Water Act

Contour plowing is a soil conservation method that involves
a) plowing across hill slopes
b) plowing deeper into soil when planting
c) flattening hilllls to creat flat land before plowing
d) never planting crops on a hill

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 has resulted in
a) a decrease in the illegal and unsafe dumping of hazardous waste
b) an increase in the use of compost
c) a reduction of the use of fossile fuel resources
d) a decrease in the amount of recycling

Compost helps preserve the health of soil because it
a) is a natural fertilizer
b) adds artificail fertilizers that help plants grow
c) contains pesticides that kill insects
d) breaks rock down into additional soil

Coal and Petroleum and Natural Gas are
a) Fossil Fuels
b) The Names of Movies
c) Non Polluting

Two broad categories of non metallic mineral resources are ____________ minerals and industrial minerals
a) Building
b) Cosmetic
c) Cosmic
d) Comic

The nation's most important air pollution law is
a) The Clean Air Act
b) The Clean Water Act
c) The Clean Hair Act

How are non metallic resources used
a) all of the answers listed
b) as building materials
c) in manufacturing
d) in fertilizers

What are Two Laws passed to prevent of decrease water pollution
a) Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act
b) No Child Left Behind and Headstart
c) BMCHS Dress Code and Honor Code

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