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An excess or deficiency of electrons in a body.
a) charge
b) neutral
c) isotonic
d) cationic

Lines of force used to represent an electric field.
a) electric field lines
b) equipotential lines
c) electron lines
d) proton lines

A material through which electric charge may flow easily.
a) conductor
b) insulator
c) capacitor
d) resistor

A material that electric charge flows through poorly or not at all.
a) conductor
b) insulator
c) capacitor
d) resistor

The particle with a negative charge found in the atom.
a) proton
b) electron
c) neutron
d) quark

The behavior of two particles of like charge that are brought into close proximity.
a) repelled
b) attracted
c) not affected
d) flow

An electric circuit in which the current has multiple paths to follow.
a) series
b) parallel
c) dielectric
d) Van de Graff

The law that states that electric charge cannot be created or destroyed.
a) Newton's 3rd law
b) law of conservation of electricity
c) law of conservation of energy
d) law of conservation of charge

The term used to describe the charge of 6.24 x 10^18 electrons.
a) Joule
b) Newton
c) Coulomb
d) Voltage

A measure of voltage at a particular point in an electric field.
a) electric potential
b) conductance
c) resistance
d) entropy

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