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If a car accelerates uniformly from rest to 15 m/s over a distance of 100 m, the magnitude of the car's acceleration is
a) 0.15 m/s/s
b) 1.1 m/s/s
c) 2.3 m/s/s
d) 6.7 m/s/s

An object accelerates uniformly from 3.0 m/s east to 8.0 m/s east in 2.0 sec. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the object?
a) 2.5 m/s/s
b) 5.0 m/s/s
c) 5.5 m/s/s
d) 11 m/s/s

What is the period of a water wave if 4.0 complete waves pass a fixed point in 10.0 seconds?
a) 0.25 s
b) 0.40 s
c) 2.5 s
d) 4.0 s

What is the approximate diameter of an inflated basketball?
a) 2 x 10^-2 m
b) 2 x 10^-1 m
c) 2 x 10^0 m
d) 2 x 10^1 m

A 75-kg hockey player is skating across the ice at a speed of 6 m/s. How much force is required to keep the player moving? [Neglect friction.]
a) 0 N
b) 0.08 N
c) 12.5 N
d) 450 N

A 0.149-kg baseball, initially moving at 15 m/s, is brought to rest in 0.040 s by a baseball glove. The magnitude of the average force exerted by the glove is
a) 2.2 N
b) 2.9 N
c) 17 N
d) 56 N

A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of 29.4 m/s. What is the maximum height reached by the ball? [Neglect friction.]
a) 14.7 m
b) 29.4 m
c) 44.1 m
d) 88.1 m

A 75-kg bicyclist coasts down a hill at a constant speed of 12 m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the bicyclist?
a) 4.5 x 10^2 J
b) 9.0 x 10^2 J
c) 5.4 x 10^3 J
d) 1.1 x 10^4 J

What is the weight of a 2.00-kg object on the surface of the Earth?
a) 4.91 N
b) 2.00 N
c) 9.81 N
d) 19.6 N

A rock falls from rest a verticle distance of 0.72 m to the surface of a planet in 0.63 s. The magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on the planet is
a) 1.1 m/s/s
b) 2.3 m/s/s
c) 3.6 m/s/s
d) 9.8 m/s/s

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