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Scalar is to vector as...
a) speed is to velocity.
b) speed is to distance.
c) displacement is to velocity.
d) displacement is to distance.

A rock is dropped from a bridge. What happens to the magnitude of acceleration and the speed of the rock as it falls? [Neglect friction.]
a) Both acceleration and speed increase.
b) Acceleration remains the same and speed increases.
c) Acceleration increases and speed decreases.
d) Both acceleration and speed remain the same.

Which statement correctly describes one characteristic of a sound wave?
a) A sound wave can travel through a vacuum (empty space).
b) The amount of energy a sound wave transmits is directly related to the wave\'s frequency.
c) The amount of energy a sound wave transmits is directly related to the wave's amplitude.
d) A sound wave is a transverse wave.

On the atomic level, energy and matter exhibit characteristics of...
a) particles, only.
b) both particles and waves.
c) neither particles nor waves.
d) waves, only.

A student pull a 60-N sled with a force having a magnitude of 20-N. What is the magnitude of the force that the sled exerts on the student?
a) 20-N
b) 80-N
c) 60-N
d) 40-N

In a vacuum (empty space), all electromagnetic waves have the same...
a) speed
b) wavelength
c) frequency
d) phase

A 0.5-kg cart is rolling at a speed of 0.4 m/s. If the speed of the cart is doubled, the inertia of the cart is...
a) halved
b) unchanged
c) quadrupled
d) doubled

As a ball falls freely toward the ground, its total mechanical energy...
a) decreases
b) is converted to thermal energy.
c) remains the same
d) increases

The gravitational potential energy, with respect to Earth, that is possessed by an object is dependent on the objects...
a) acceleration
b) speed
c) position
d) momentum

A car is driven south in a straight line with decreasing speed. The acceleration of the car must be...
a) directed northward
b) constant, but not zero
c) zero
d) directed southward

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