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How is Mr. Capulet NOT ahead of his time?
a) A) He will give consent if Juliet is in love
b) B) He wants Juliet to be in love with her husband.
c) C) He wants to wait a few years before Juliet gets married.
d) D) He lets Juliet go around town anytime she wants by herself.

How do Romeo and Benvolio plan to get into the Capulet party?
a) A) They will wear the same costume as Tybalt is wearing.
b) B) They will go introduce themselves to Mr. Capulet and apologize on their family\'s behalf.
c) C) They will use Mercutio\'s invitations, wear costumes, and quickly blend in with the crowd.
d) D) They will sneak in the back entrance and hope no one notices them.

Who says \
a) A) Juliet
b) B) Rosaline
c) C) Lady Capulet
d) D) The Nurse

Why does Tybalt send Romeo a letter?
a) A) To meet up for coffee.
b) B) To thank him for coming to the party.
c) C) To tell him to stay away from Juliet.
d) D) To challenge him to a fight.

Who kills Tybalt?
a) A) Benvolio
b) D) Mercutio
c) C) Romeo
d) B) Friar Laurence

Why does Capulet suddenly decide to marry Juliet off to Paris?
a) A) Capulet wants to cheer Juliet up because she is upset over Tybalt.
b) B) Someone told him she likes Romeo.
c) C) The Capulets need the money.
d) D) Capulet wants to show that he is in charge.

Friar Laurence's plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet includes all of the following EXCEPT
a) A) Juliet will appear to be dead.
b) B) Juliet will kill herself.
c) C) The Friar will send a letter to Romeo.
d) D) Romeo will meet her in the Capulet tomb.

How do Montague and Capulet plan to honor the memories of their children?
a) A) By creating the Romeo and Juliet foundation.
b) B) By building a castle for the Prince.
c) C) By becoming good friends.
d) D) By having statues made of their children.

Why is Paris at Juliet's tomb?
a) A) He is there to support the Capulets.
b) B) He is there to yell at her for betraying him.
c) C) He is grieving his bride.
d) D) He is there to argue with Friar Laurence.

What is William Shakespeare's day of birth?
a) A) April 23, 1564
b) B) April 26, 1564
c) C) April 23, 1964
d) D) April 26, 1964

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