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Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are all considered the:
a) four inner planets
b) best planets
c) planets farthest away

Galileo said that:
a) for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
b) velocity of a falling object does not depend on weight
c) E = MC²

This produces nuclear waste:
a) coal-burning power plants
b) nuclear power plants
c) hydroelectric power plants

What does 'renewable' mean?
a) stuff disappears forever
b) very expensive
c) resources that can be replenished

Oil, coal and gas are considered to be:
a) fossil fuels
b) renewable fuels
c) cheap fuels

Which is the right thing to do?
a) use plastic drinking bottles
b) use coal to produce usable energy
c) use solar energy

The elliptical orbit of the Moon around Earth is due to which force?
a) gravitational
b) chemical
c) elliptical

Why should communities *not* use coal?
a) it is expensive
b) it emits harmful waste
c) it is popular

When does the winter solstice occur?
a) when Earth is tilted away from the sun
b) when Earth is tilted toward the sun
c) when Earth sits on top of the sun

Which statement is true?
a) renewable resources can be replenished
b) trees are not a renewable resource
c) coal is a renewable resource

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