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Which of the following correctly describes limiting factors of ecological succession?
a) food webs and chains
b) energy pyramids and chains
c) soil and moisture
d) animals and fish

What will happen to land that used to be corn fields if they are left undisturbed over the next 40 years?
a) Secondary succession will occur.
b) Primary succession will occur.
c) Large pine trees will gros as soon as the corn is cut.
d) Large ponds will develops due to extended rainfall.

. Which of the following would be the most effective method in reducing more erosion of a shoreline?
a) preventing tourists from visiting
b) planting native grasses on the beaches
c) building more houses in the aresa
d) removing native animals from the area

a) marine estuary
b) coastal prairie
c) cypress
d) hammock

Which natural event would most likely cause succession in a grassy field?
a) The grass leaves are frozen by a hard freeze
b) Most of the grass in blown flat by strong winds.
c) All the soil remains wet for several days after a heavy rain.
d) Many grass plants die after a period of no rainfall.

What can cause secondary succession to occur?
a) drought
b) forest fire
c) heavy freeze
d) all of these

What can cause primary succession to occur?
a) drought
b) forest fire
c) volcanic eruption
d) all of these

In the process of succession, communities will grow and replace one another. The end result of this succession is –
a) a pioneer species evolves
b) a climax community forms
c) a catastrophic event occurs
d) a primary community forms

Which of the following is a stable community?
a) climax
b) pioneer
c) food web
d) energy pyramid

The replacement of one community by another over a period of time is called -
a) food web
b) food chain
c) ecological succession
d) energy pyramid

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