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How does nuclear fission produce energy
a) controlled nuclear chain reactions produces hear, driving steam turbines to produce energy
b) uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions produces hear, driving steam turbines to produce energy
c) carbon atoms are bombarded with neutrons
d) moving water turns turbines to produce electricity

It is estimated that in the future wind energy could produce what percentage of the nations demand for electriciity
a) 5-10%
b) 80-85%
c) 25-30%
d) 70-75%

One problem with wind energy as a major source of electricity is
a) the expense of large tracts of land in populated areas
b) it does not work at night
c) it is not renewable
d) it causes major air pollution

Hydroelectric poser is produced by
a) falling water that turns a turbine
b) electric current that flows across a dam
c) tides that pour through a dm barrier
d) hot water that comes form deep underground

wind power generates
a) noise pollution
b) air pollution
c) water pollution
d) soil pollution

What is the source of geothermal energy
a) natural underground steam and hot water reservoirs
b) sunlight heating surface waters
c) very hot minerals deep underground
d) the splitting of atoms to release energy

Hoiw is tidal poser harnessed
a) by building a dam across the mouth of a bay or estuary in a coastal region
b) by bombarding uranium nuclei with neutrons
c) very hot mineral deep underground
d) by tapping into underground steam reservoirs

Fresh water is used for which of the following
a) all of the answers listed
b) growing food
c) drinking
d) cooking

Which of the following is an example of a non point source of fresh water pollution
a) factory wastee piped into a stream
b) leaking toxic waste landfill
c) pesticied runoff from farm fields
d) sewage treatment plants

What amount of Earth's total water supply is usable fresh water
a) less than 1%
b) 50%
c) 25%
d) 75%

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