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CPU stands for:
a) Central Processing Unit
b) Chapter Processing Unit
c) Central Programming Unit
d) Computer Programming Unit

Which of the following is not an example of computer hardware?
a) Keyboard
b) CPU
c) Port
d) Spreadsheet

Computers store and read all data as
a) numbers
b) word
c) pixels
d) graphical user interfaces

A complete computer system includes four distinct parts; hardware, software, data and users. Under which does an operating system fall?
a) Hardware
b) Software
c) Data
d) User

Which of the following was the first to use computers in our society?
a) Government
b) Heath Care Organizations
c) Schools
d) Scientists

Computers are used for which of the following?
a) Business
b) Entertainment
c) Communication
d) All of the choices

Computers are important for all of the following reasons except:
a) Provide information to users
b) Improve eyesight and health
c) Information is critical to our society
d) Managing information is difficult

The most powerful computers that are mad. These are found in research organizations and process trillions of operations per second. Example: Watson
a) Minicomputer
b) Mainframe Computer
c) Supercomputer
d) Megacomputer

What do we use to delete one WORD to the left?
a) Delete
b) Backspace
c) Ctrl + Backspace
d) Ctrl + Delete

What do we use to delete one WORD to the right?
a) Delete
b) Backspace
c) Ctrl + Backspace
d) Ctrl + Delete

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