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WYSIWYG Stands for
a) What you see is what you get
b) WHat you select is what you get
c) When you select it's what you get
d) Well, you should impress when you giggle

Printers and monitors are examples of
a) Software
b) Memory
c) Input
d) Output

Keyboards, scanner, and microphones are examples of
a) Software Applications
b) Hardware
c) Input Devices
d) Output Devices

Which of the following is/are storage devices?
a) Hard Drive
b) Modem
c) Keyboard
d) All of the above

Software tells the PC how to
a) use output to produce input
b) delete input to produce output
c) use input to produce output
d) delete output to produce input

Timmy would like to create a spreadsheet on the computer but he does not know how to do so on a computer. Which of the following items should Timmy purchase to create a spreadsheet
a) Input
b) Output
c) Software
d) Hardware

These devices return processed data back to the user or to another computer system. Example: Printer
a) Input
b) Output
c) Software
d) Hardware

A memory device that is volatile and stores current data and programs temporarily:
a) REM
b) RIM
c) ROM
d) RAM

A computer's memory is measured through
a) Bits and Belts
b) Bits and Pounds
c) Bits and Bytes
d) Bits and Kilos

The computers main circuit board is the
a) ROM
b) motherboard
c) RAM
d) sound card

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