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Which of these is caused by static electricty?
a) water flowing very fast through a small tube
b) light shining from a flashlight
c) wilting of plant leaves in the summertime
d) hair sticking to a comb on a cold, dry day

All elements are made up of
a) atoms
b) solutions
c) mixtures
d) compounds

Which of these is the source of energy for photosynthesis
a) Electricity
b) Gravity
c) Sunlight
d) Magnetism

Changes in the pressure of the air can be measured by
a) barometers
b) anemometers
c) wind vanes
d) thermometers

Which of these is the biggest
a) the moon
b) Jupiter
c) the Sun
d) the Earth

Sound waves travel best through
a) gases
b) vacuums
c) solids
d) liquids

Which of these belongs to the kingdom monera?
a) ferns
b) bacteria
c) mushrooms
d) algea

The internal parts of a cell are suspended in a jelly-like liquid called
a) nucleus
b) chloroplasts
c) cytoplasm
d) cell membrane

Which of the following materials is transparent?
a) Clear window glass
b) White Paper
c) Solid Wood Door
d) Your eyelids

The most common cause of earthquakes is
a) the sinking of the ocean floor
b) unequal heating of the atomosphere
c) giant tidal waves
d) movements in the Earth\'s crust

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