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Formal agreement to the terms of an offer
a) Agreement
b) Acceptance
c) Counteroffer
d) Contract

Money added to an account
a) Deposit
b) Withdrawal
c) Debit
d) ATM purchase

Used to access an account; like a password
a) VIN
b) PIN
c) SSN
d) ID

Interest rates do not change during the term of the loan
a) floating rate
b) variable rate
c) fixed rate
d) adjustable rate

Tool used to track check, withdrawals, deposits, etc.
a) bank reconciliation
b) checkbook register
c) bank statement
d) deposit slip

Interest rates change in response to the economy
a) fixed rate
b) floating rate
c) variable rate
d) adjustable rate

Used only at an ATM
a) Debit card
b) ATM card
c) Check card
d) Gift card

Written order to pay stated amount to stated person or business
a) deposit slip
b) debit card
c) check
d) atm card

Check not honored by the bank due to non-sufficient funds
a) automatic withdrawal
b) bounced check
c) post-dated check
d) cashier's check

Adjusting the checkbook register and bank statement balances
a) check reconciliation
b) deposit reconciliation
c) bank reconciliation
d) checkbook register reconciliation

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