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Legal demand that a tenant move out
a) lease
b) rental agreement
c) contract
d) eviction

renter of the property
a) landlord
b) tenant
c) owner
d) renter

Expressed interest in entering into a contract
a) offer
b) acceptance
c) counteroffer
d) agreement

A written agreement to rent property which states a specified length of rental
a) rental agreement
b) lease
c) offer
d) acceptance

Using another's property for a fee
a) Ownership
b) Renting
c) Leasing
d) Borrowing

owner of the property
a) Landlord
b) Tenant
c) Renter
d) Real Estate Agent

To increase in value
a) depreciate
b) appreciate
c) offer
d) contract

Monthly payments should not exceed what percentage of one's take home pay
a) 30-40%
b) 20-30%
c) 25-35%
d) 40-50%

Costs paid when a real estate transaction is complete
a) Commission
b) Salary
c) Closing Costs
d) Wage

The two types of mortgages are
a) fixed and adjustable
b) fixed and variable
c) floating and adjustable
d) floating and variable

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