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Placer deposits form when
a) heavy eroded particles settle out of moving water
b) magma cools in underground chambers
c) organic matter is compressed over millions of years
d) hot, metal rich fluids cool underground

Vein deposits are usually produced by
a) weathering
b) cementation and compaction
c) density sorting
d) hydrothermal solutions

Which of the following is a non metallic meniral resouce
a) aggregate
b) petroleum
c) coal
d) iron

What are non metallic resources commonly used for
a) the non metallic elements they contain or their physical and chemical properties
b) producing energy
c) manufacturing steel
d) the metallic elements they contain or their physical and chemical properties

Which of the following non metallic meneral resources is used both as a building material and as an industrial mineral
a) corundum
b) graphite
c) limestone
d) sulfur

The advantages of solar energy include the fact that it is
a) non polluting
b) non renewable
c) expensive
d) absent at night

Harnessing the sun\\\'s energy to produce heat or electricity is
a) non polluting
b) possible only in coastal areas
c) a major source of air pollution
d) inexpensive

What is one of the drawbacks to the extensive use of solar energy
a) necessary equipment and installation is expensive
b) it is available only at night
c) it produces toxic pollution
d) it is non renewable

The fuel for nuclear fission in nuclear reactors is
a) uranium
b) carbon
c) hydrogen
d) petroleum

Which of the following is a problem associated with the increased use of nuclear energy
a) all of the answers listed
b) major hazards involved in nuclear waste disposal
c) cost of building nuclear facilities
d) concern over the possibility of a serious nuclear accident

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