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Who killed Mercutio?
a) A) Tybalt
b) B) Romeo
c) C) The Prince
d) D) Capulet

How will Juliet's father punish her if she does not marry Paris?
a) A) He will kick her out of the house.
b) D) Answers A and B.
c) C) He will kill her.
d) B) He will take her out of his will.

Who does Romeo go see immediately after Balthasar tells him that Juliet is dead?
a) A) Lady Capulet
b) B) Friar Laurence
c) C) An apothecary
d) D) The Nurse

Who does Juliet use as her messenger?
a) A) The Nurse
b) B) Friar Laurence
c) C) Mercutio
d) D) Tybalt

What marriage advice does Friar Laurence give to Romeo?
a) A) Be passionate.
b) B) Be manly.
c) C) Be overbearing.
d) D) Be moderate.

What punishment does the Prince decide on for Romeo killing Tybalt?
a) A) $5,000,000 fine
b) B) banishment
c) C) death
d) D) jail

Why does Friar Laurence agree to perform the marriage ceremony of Romeo and Juliet?
a) A) He agrees because he thinks Romeo and Juliet make a cute couple.
b) B) He agrees because he likes to cause trouble in Verona.
c) C) He agrees because he thinks it will bring the Capulets and Montagues together.
d) D) He agrees because he thinks Romeo is a good person.

What happens when Tybalt sees Romeo at the Capulet party?
a) A) Tybalt introdues Romeo to Juliet after realizing they would make a cute couple.
b) B) Tybalt gives Romeo a big hug and they hang out together for the rest of the party.
c) C) Tybalt and Romeo get in a fight in the bathroom.
d) D) Tybalt immediatley wants to kill Romeo, but his Uncle will not let him.

How do Romeo and Benvolio find out about the Capulet party?
a) A) Rosaline invited Romeo and Benvolio to be her guests.
b) D) Answers B and C.
c) B) Mercutio has an invitation that allows him tro bring guests.
d) C) The illiterate servant asks Romeo to read the guest list for the party.

Who is Romeo in love with at the beginning of the play?
a) A) The Nurse
b) B) Rosaline
c) C) Lady Capulet
d) D) Juliet

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