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Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource
a) cotton
b) natural gas
c) coal
d) copper

Renewable resources
a) can be replenished over months, years, or decades
b) include iron, natural gas, and copper
c) have finite supplies that will one day be used up
d) are all living resources

Which of the follwoing is an example of a non renewable resource
a) cotton
b) trees
c) cattle
d) uranium

Refer to Figure 3 on page 96; In which layer will the petroleum be found in the oil trap
a) immediately below the gas layer
c) immediately below the cap rock layer
d) immediately below the water layer

Refer to Figure 3 on page 96; Where is the cap rock layer?
a) immediately above the gas layer
c) immediately above the water layer
d) immediately above the oil layer

Refer to Figure 3 on page 96; Could the well produce oil and natural gas
a) Yes
d) No

Which of the following energy resources migh replace dwondling petroleum supplies one day
a) tar sands and uranium
b) oil shale and tar sands
c) wind and coal
d) coal and natural gas

Which of the following alternative energy sources in NOT inexhastable?
a) wind energy
b) geothermal energy
c) solar energy
d) tidal energy

Which of the following is a drawback to the use of oil shale to produce energy
a) most of the world\\\'s oil shale occurs in politically unstable environments
b) oil shale can be mind only in arid regions
c) oil shale occurs only in areas with plentiful water resources for processing
d) processing, mining and waste disposal are expensive

Most metalic ores are porcuded by which two types of processes
a) cementation and compaction
b) igneous and sedimentary
c) igneous and metamorphic
d) metamorphic and sedimmentary

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