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Which statement about making foam cakes is FALSE?
a) Egg whites and steam function as the leavening agents.
b) The cake pan is not greased
c) They are removed from the pan for cooling
d) They contain no fat

A well made angel food cake should have a:
a) Compact volume with golden brown top.
b) Large volume with a tender, moist interior.
c) Large volume with gummy interior
d) Light brown top with gummy interior

How should a cake without fat in the recipe be cooled after baking.
a) In the pan placed on a cooling rack
b) In the oven on the cooling rack
c) Out of the pan on a cooling rack
d) Upside down in the pan on the neck of a bottle

When a foam cake is done, it will:
a) Cling to the sides of the pan
b) Have low volume
c) Leave a small dent when tapped on top
d) Pull away fron the sides of the pabn

Which type of cake has the characteristics of BOTH shortened and unshortened cakes?
a) Angel food
b) Butter
c) Chiffon
d) Pound

How are chiffon cakes DIFFERENT from unshortened cakes?
a) Contain fat
b) Cling to the sides of the pan when done
c) Have a tender, moist interior
d) Rely on egg whites and steam for leavening

How is the BEST linear effect achieved when decorating a cake?
a) Applying even pressure
b) Changing tips
c) Using cloth bags
d) Varying force

The writing tip is used to make:
a) Flower stems
b) Flower petals
c) Leaves
d) Stars

A thin layer of frosting should be applied to a cake before it is decorated because it will:
a) Even the layers
b) Hold cracks together
c) keep the cake from tearing
d) Secure loose crumbs

How should the hand holding the decorator bag be used?
a) Applying varying force
b) Move the bag
c) Steady the bag
d) Sustain even pressure

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