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The total energy of a system remains
a) positive
b) negative
c) constant
d) zero

Unit used to measure energy in food
a) joule
b) kg
c) Calorie
d) newton

Si unit for energy
a) Watt
b) newton
c) Joule
d) kgm

A bus transfers chemical potential energy to ____ so that the bus moves
a) thermal
b) GPE
c) Electrical
d) Kinetic

Energy doesnt have to involve motion
a) true
b) false

In a pendulum when the pendulum is at its highest point it is called
a) Maximum KE
b) Kinetic
c) Maximum Potential Energy
d) GPE

The measurement of how well a machine operates is the machines
a) Mechanical advantage
b) Power
c) work
d) efficiency

The rate at which work is done
a) effeciency
b) effort time
c) power
d) force

The output work of a machine compared to the input work is the
a) efficiency
b) power
c) effort
d) resistance

The amount a machine multiplies an effort force is called
a) efficiency
b) resistance force
c) fulcrum
d) mechanical advatage

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