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Pound cakes are different from other shortened cakes because they contain NO:
a) Butter
b) Chemical leavener
c) Eggs
d) Flour

What mixing method is used if the recipe says to cream the sugar and fat?
a) Biscuit
b) Muffin
c) One-bowl
d) Standard

What is the correct method to check for cake doneness
a) Insert a toothpick or cake tester
b) Insert a spoon
c) Top sinks in the middle
d) when the center of the cake is pressed it does not spring back

Which is a recommended method to determine cake doneness>
a) Bake for the stated time
b) Insert a toothpick
c) Observe the cakes edges
d) Press the top of the cake with a finger

Which is NOT and appropriate way to prepare pans for a shortened cake?
a) Grease and flour
b) Grease and line with parchment paper
c) Grease and line with wax paper
d) Use ungreased pans

A well-made shortened cake will have a:
a) Concave top, with pale brown crust
b) Flat top, with crumbly crust
c) Rounded top, with smooth crust
d) Uneven top, with shiny crust.

A high quality shortened cake will have a:
a) Concave top, with a pale brown curst.
b) Flat top with shiny crust.
c) Rounded top, with crumbly crust
d) Rounded top, with thin, evenly brown crust.

If a layer cake has a hump in the center
a) Arrange the layers so that the bottoms are together
b) Place both layers so that the tops are together
c) Remove the hump from both layers with a bread knife.
d) Remove the hump from the bottom layer.

If a layer cake has a hump in the center, when baking the next cake:
a) Lengthen cooking time by 5 minutes
b) Lower the oven temperature 25 degrees
c) Raise the oven temperature 25 degrees
d) Shorten cooking time by 5 minutes

What ingredient makes an angel food cake rise?
a) Baking powder
b) Baking soda
c) Beaten egg whites
d) Yeast

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