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Can cause kinetic energy to change into thermal energy
a) friction
b) heat
c) potential
d) gravity

Green plants convert light energy from the sun into
a) Gravitaional potential energy
b) mechanical
c) thermal
d) chemical potential energy

Energy in the form of motion is _____ energy
a) kinetic
b) solar
c) nuclear
d) potential

The greater the ____ a moving object has the more kinetic energy it has
a) mass
b) fulcrums
c) mass and velocity
d) velocity

a rock at the edge of a cliff has this type of energy due to its position
a) kinetic
b) solar
c) thermal
d) potential

Where is the kinetic energy greatest in a a falling apple system
a) connected to the tree
b) stays the same everywhere
c) just before it hits the ground
d) half way down

Doubling and objects velocity will ____ its kinetic energy
a) unchanged
b) quadruple
c) triple
d) double

Which has the greatest potential energy a resting book or feather
a) book
b) unfair question
c) same
d) feather

Energy is the total amount of potential and kinetic energy in a system
a) chemical
b) mechanical
c) electromagnetic
d) thermal

Law of conservation of energy states energy can change form it
a) can be created
b) can not be created or destroyed
c) can be created or destroyed
d) can be destroyed

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