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Who became President upon Nixon\'s resignation?
a) Carter
b) Reagan
c) Bush I
d) Ford

Rachel Carson\'s book led to the creation of this:
a) Dept. of Energy
b) FDA
c) EPA

Carter\'s greatest foreign policy accomplishment
a) Camp David Accords
b) 3 Mile Island
c) SALT Treaty
d) Oslo Accords

Early 80\'s switch to concentrating on private interests over public programs
a) Desert Storm
b) Conservatism
c) Graying of America
d) Glasnost

Supply side economics cut taxes on...
a) lower middle-class people
b) only Republican voters
c) only individuals
d) big business and the wealthy

All of the following were important domestic issues under Reagan EXCEPT
b) Abortion
c) Iran Contra
d) the Drug War

This scandal over arms hurt public perception of the Reagan Administration
a) Teapot Dome
b) Lewinskygate
c) Watergate
d) Iran - Contra

This Soviet leader changed Russian society in the 80\'s, leading to the fall of the USSR
a) Leon Trotsky
b) Mikhail Gorbachev
c) Yuri Gurgarin
d) Leonid Brezhnev

The first Gulf War, Desert Storm, was mainly fought to:
a) Drive Iraqi invaders from the nation of Kuwait
b) Bring democracy to Iraq
c) Punish the Taliban
d) Find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

President for Desert Storm
a) George H.W. Bush (I)
b) Jimmy Carter
c) Bill Clinton
d) Ronald W. Reagan

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