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Excel: To display additional decimal places in a cell, click the _____ button on the Ribbon.
a) Increase Decimal
b) Decrease Decimal
c) Increase Indent
d) Decrease Indent

Excel: In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyphen, or space is considered ________.
a) a formula
b) text
c) a name
d) a title

Excel: By default, Excel provides 3 worksheets - you need only two of them, how will you delete the third one?
a) Right click on the sheet tab of the third sheet and choose Delete from the context menu
b) Click on Sheet 3 and from Edit menu choose delete
c) Sinbad
d) None of the choices

Excel: To control the color and thickness of a border outlining a range, Excel requires that you use the Border sheet in the ______ dialog box.
a) Color Range
b) Fill Range
c) Range
d) Format Cells

Word: Zoom
a) increases the view of the document
b) decreases the view of the document
c) increases or decreases view of a document
d) vroom?

Word: underlined in RED
a) italicized text
b) spelling error / word not in dictionary
c) grammar error
d) pepper

Word: Words underlined in GREEN
a) spelling error / word not in dictionary
b) centered text
c) grammar error
d) vegetables

Word: Word wrap is used to
a) start a new paragraph
b) automatically return the text line
c) rhyme music
d) design your text into a shape

Word: A window on a computer is
a) The entire screen area
b) The Menu area
c) The Desktop Display
d) The glass part of the computer

Word: taskbar
a) Displays quick access commands
b) Displays all open documents and programs
c) Displays statistical information of a document
d) Displays buttons for you to click

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