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Excel: An alternative to clicking the Paste button is to _______.
a) click the drop button
b) click the move button
c) press the enter key
d) press the down arrow

You can have up to ______ worksheets in a workbook. (Not how many it starts with!)
a) 3
b) 60
c) 255
d) Dependent on the memory on your computer.

Excel: You can insert a row by using the ______ command on the shortcut menu.
a) Columns
b) Rows
c) Cells
d) Insert

Excel: You can auto fit the width of a column by
a) double clicking on the column name on the column header
b) double click on the cell pointer in the worksheet
c) double click on the column right border of column header
d) double click on the column left border of column header

Excel: You can use the fill handle to ________.
a) Copy a cell
b) Copy a range of cells
c) Create a series of numbers
d) All of the choices

Excel: The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data is called a _______.
a) tab
b) cell
c) box
d) range

Excel: A printed version of a worksheet is called a ______.
a) hard copy
b) copy
c) file
d) worksheet copy

Excel: By default, Excel positions text in a cell _______.
a) Left-Aligned
b) Right-Aligned
c) Centered
d) Justified

Excel: The _______ on a Worksheet is one in which you can enter data.
a) cell
b) active cell
c) home cell
d) reference cell

Excel: To make more than one cell into one, highlight the cells and then click the _________ button.
a) Split
b) Center
c) Merge & Center
d) Split & Merge

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