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In the Middle East during Neolithic times, the development of farming brought about
a) a return of nomadic lifestyle
b) the establishment of permanent settlements
c) a rise of hunting as an important occupation
d) a decline in food production

Which arrangement represents the most likely sequence in history?
a) settled communities, legal codes, development of agriculture
b) development of agriculture, legal codes, settled communities
c) development of agriculture, settled communities, legal codes
d) settled communities, development of agriculture, legal codes

Mesopotamia means
a) Land between two lakes
b) Messy land
c) Sacred land
d) Land between two rivers

One reason early civilizations developed in some areas like the Middle East and not others is
a) hearty and nutritious crops existed for consumption
b) climate favored agriculture
c) the land was fertile because regular flooding
d) all of the above

The Senators justified the killing of Caesar because
a) he was getting too wealthy
b) they feared he would end the republic by becoming king
c) he took power away from the rich
d) he led an illegal war in Britain

Which of the following civilizations’ writing system has yet to be deciphered (understood)?
a) Indus Valley Civilization
b) Yellow River Valley Civilization
c) Mesopotamia
d) Egypt

23. The combination of religious and political authority in Ancient Egypt my be described as
a) monotheism
b) theocracy
c) democracy
d) oligarchy

Which civilization developed the “Mandate of Heaven?”
a) France
b) India
c) China
d) Japan

This early Greek philosopher always answered a question with another question to encourage individual thought. He eventually was put to death for questioning the government and “co
a) Plato
b) Aristotle
c) Socrates
d) Homer

A government that was ruled by a few powerful people is called?
a) Theocracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Democracy
d) autocracy

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