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Which statement BEST explains why the Sun is a star?
a) It\\\'s a huge ball of gas.
b) The planets all orbit it
c) It\\\'s in the center of the solar system
d) It creates its own energy through nuclear fusion

An Aurora is produced when there is a collision between ________________ and _______________ in Earth\\\'s upper atmosphere.
a) atoms; molecules
b) light; atoms and molecules
c) neutrinos; atoms and molecules
d) the solar wind; atoms and molecules

Most of the light from the Sun is in which part of the electromagnetic spectrum?
a) x-ray
b) radio
c) visible
d) microwave

The Sun\\\'s energy moves within the radiative zone via_____________.
a) atoms
b) photons
c) convection
d) Van Allen radiation

The Sun\\\'s density is greatest in which region?
a) core
b) corona
c) chromosphere
d) convective zone

Which layer of the Sun\\\'s atmosphere is the hottest?
a) corona
b) photosphere
c) chromosphere
d) none of these are correct

Our Sun is considered a(n) ___________________ star.
a) small
b) large
c) giant
d) average

Ninety percent of the Sun is composed of which element?
a) iron
b) helium
c) carbon
d) hydrogen

Nuclear fusion occurs in which region of the Sun?
a) core
b) corona
c) chromosphere
d) convection zone

Which region of the Sun is brightest in x-ray and uv images?
a) core
b) corona
c) photosphere
d) chromosphere

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