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Most exciting part of a story
a) Plot
b) Conflict
c) Falling Action
d) Climax

An interruption in the story of an earlier event
a) Inference
b) Foreshadow
c) Flashback
d) None of the above

What was the author's purpose in writing an article titled "Lewisville Must Require Earlier Curfew Times"
a) Persuade
b) Inform
c) Entertain
d) None of the above

What would be the best theme for "Number the Stars"
a) Learn to trust others.
b) Setting goals is very important.
c) A true friend will do anything for you.
d) Don't let other people bring you down

Which word has a positive connotation?
a) Gaunt
b) Skinny
c) Slender
d) Bony

What is the sentence "The book screamed as it hit the loud floor" is an example of
a) Personification
b) Metaphor
c) Onomatopoeia
d) Hyperbole

Number the Stars is an example of
a) Biography
b) Nonfiction
c) Historical Fiction
d) Science Fiction

The overall message or lesson of a story.
a) Tone
b) Theme
c) Main Idea
d) Author's Purpose

The sentence "Susan runs like the wind" is an example of
a) Hyperbole
b) Tone
c) Simile
d) Metaphor

The difference between tone and mood of a passage is:
a) Tone is how the reader feels and mood is how the characters feel.
b) Tone is the how the characters portray certain traits. Mood is how they feel.
c) Tone is how the reader feels from the story and mood is how the writer feels about the writing.
d) Tone is how the writer feels about their writing and mood is how the reader feels from the story.

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