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Which of the following is a direct proportion?
a) 4+1
b) x/y =c
c) -5
d) 8d

In which of the following proportions does x=6?
a) 5/5 = x/3
b) 3/4 = x/100
c) 1/3 = x/18
d) 4/10 = x/50

Which answer best explains how proportions and percents have things in common?
a) they have nothing to do with each other
b) you can use proportions to solve percents
c) percents are the same thing as proportions
d) none of the above

How do you solve a porportion?
a) only divide
b) only multiply
c) cross multiply and divide
d) dont cross multiply or divide

What is the value of N in this proportion? 8/20 = N/30
a) 3
b) 8
c) 20
d) 12

Which of the following is a proportion?
a) 3+3
b) 9x
c) 1/2 = x/4
d) 1x1

Which proportion is solved correctly?
a) 3/5 = 10/60
b) 2/7 = 6/21
c) 3/3 = 70/80
d) 1/4 = 4/90

What proportion is not correct?
a) 4/7 = 12/21
b) 2/20 = 6/60
c) 3/9 = 15/70
d) none of the above

What activity would require using proportions?
a) playing video games
b) eating
c) working at the bank
d) none of the above

Which of the following is a proportion?
a) 1 5/2
b) 5x3
c) 3/4 = x/100
d) none of the above

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