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A scorpion stalks, kills, and then eats a spider. Based on its behavior, which ecological terms describe the scorpion?
a) predator, carnivore, consumer
b) producer, herbivore, decomposer
c) producer, carnivore, heterotroph
d) predator, autotroph, herbivore

Which organisms are dependent upon other animals for food?
a) producers
b) herbivores
c) scavengers
d) primary consumers

Certain bacteria living in a human's large intesting help to produce vitamin K. This relationship is an example of
a) animal parasitism
b) plant parasitism
c) commensalism
d) mutualism

A certain plant requires moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, light, and minerals in order to survive. This statement shows that a living organism depends on
a) biotic factors
b) abiotic factors
c) symbiotic relationships
d) carnivore-herbivore relationships

Which is a biotic factor operating within an ecosystem?
a) the type of climate in a given region
b) the carnivores that consume other animals
c) the amount of helium gas in the air
d) the rate of flow of water in a river

All of Earth's water, land, and atmosphere within which life exists is known as
a) a population
b) a community
c) a biome
d) the biosphere

Most autotrophs store energy in the form of
a) starches
b) carbon dioxide
c) water
d) nucleic acids

The timber wolves, rabbits, and vegetation in a particular region of northern New York together constitute part of a
a) population
b) community
c) genus
d) species

All the plants, animals, and protists living in a forest make up a
a) population
b) community
c) species
d) phylum

Which life process is classified as autotrophic in some organisms and heterotrophic in other organisms?
a) nutrition
b) hormone regulation
c) transport
d) respiration

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