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Which sequence of development is correct?
a) fertilized egg-- tissues--organ systems -- organs
b) fertilized egg -- organ systems -- organs -- tissues
c) fertilized egg-- organs -- tissues -- organ systems
d) fertilized egg -- tissues -- organs-- organ systems

Living things are classified as producers or consumers according to
a) their speed of movement
b) the size of their communities
c) how they obtain food
d) how they reproduce

How do decomposers obtain their food?
a) Hunting and killing prey for food
b) changing carbon dioxide and water into food
c) absorbing food from dead organisms
d) producing food from oxygen and sunlight

What is the result of cellular respiration?
a) Energy for cell processes is released
b) Oxygen is released for photosynthesis
c) Cells undergo decomposition
d) Nutrients are excreted to prevent the buildup of body fat

Competition is likely to occur between which two organisms?
a) deer and butterflies
b) owls and bacteria
c) goldfish and rabbits
d) grass and strawberry plants

Many cells have a nucleus that contains chromosomes. These chromosomes carry genes that are composed of
a) hormones
b) DNA molecules
c) minerals and water
d) undigested food molecules

Many scientists believe that crustal plate movement occurs because of convection cells contained in the Earth\\\'s
a) crust
b) outer core
c) mantle
d) inner core

Rocks are classified as igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary according to
a) the minerals they contain
b) their color
c) their shape
d) how they formed

Which action forms a different chemical substance?
a) crushing a rock
b) burning a piece of wood
c) mixing salt and pepper
d) melting an ice cube

Weather forecasts are more accurate today than in the past due to
a) global warming
b) uses of images from space
c) plate tectonics
d) air-quality control

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