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I have 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. I can be a box, an icecube, a TV or a cage. What am i?
a) cone
b) sphere
c) cube
d) rectangular prism

I have 5 faces, and my base is a square. I can be a pyramid, a tent, or a mountain. What am I?
a) Square Pyramid
b) sphere
c) cube
d) cone

I have 3 faces and 2 edges. I can be a water tank, a pipe or a candle. What am I?
a) a cylinder
b) icosahedron
c) rectangular prism
d) dog

I am an archimedean solid. I have 62 faces, 60 vertices and 120 edges what am I?
a) icosidodecahedron
b) cube
c) icosahedron
d) rhombicosidodecahedron

I have 2 faces, and 1 edge. On Earth there are 2 of me. I am half of a sphere. what am I?
a) sphere
b) Hemisphere
c) octagonal pyramid
d) triangular prism

I have 2 faces, 1 edge and 1 point. I can be a party hat or an icecream cone. What am I?
a) triangular pyramid
b) triangular pyramid
c) pentagonal prism
d) cone

I look like a basketball. What am I?
a) Sphere
b) Square
c) Rectangular Prism
d) Cylinder

I'm Shaped like a wall clock. What am I?
a) Cube
b) Pyramid
c) Rectangular Prism
d) Cylinder

Which Looks like a soccer ball?
a) Sphere
b) Cube
c) Rectangle
d) Square

Which is shaped like a cube?
a) rubix Cube
b) Basketball
c) Soccer Ball
d) Water Bottle

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