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sea grape
a) a tree that grows on sandy shores with purple-whitiish
b) tropical plant
c) fish
d) Palm tree leaves or branches

a) recover or rescue
b) small island
c) Caribbean religion involving magic and communication with ancestors
d) infectious disease

a) recover or rescue
b) infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes that causes recurring chills and fever
c) small island
d) Caribbean religion

What type of shelter did Timothy make?
a) He built a hut of dried palm fronds.
b) He cleaned out a cave.
c) He piled up rocks for the walls and made a roof from palm leaves.

Why did Timothy want Phillip to spell the word help for him?
a) to make Phillip feel useful
b) It hurt Timothy's back to bend over.
c) Timothy could not spell

What did Timothy do with the rope he made?
a) stretched it between the hut and the beach for Phillip to follow
b) tied the raft to a palm tree
c) wove it into hammocks

Why did Timothy hit Phillip?
a) Phillip untied the raft
b) Phillip threw the palm fibers and yelled at Timothy
c) Phillip ran away from the hut

Phillip began to change the day Timothy hit him. How did he change?
a) Phillip thought black people were ugly and stupid.
b) Phillip wanted Timothy to be his friend.
c) Phillip started hating Timothy.

What does Phillip do so that he can walk around the whole island without Timothy's help?
a) Timothy would lead him around
b) He followed Stew Cat
c) He used a rope to get to the beach then by using a cane

Why did Timothy put the raft in the ocean?
a) To chase away the jumbi
b) To make sure it still floated
c) To send for help

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