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The Indians called corn
a) maize
b) sorghum
c) millet
d) succotash

The European settlers of western Virginia who came from the area in Europe known as the Palatinate were
a) Belgian
b) French
c) American
d) German

Govenrment by the people is known as a
a) Tyrant
b) Democracy
c) Communism
d) Socialism

The practice of owning people as property is
a) slavery
b) speculator
c) ransom
d) indentured servant

Who was the first permanent European settler in western Virginia
a) Robert Batts
b) Morgan Morgan
c) Christopher Newport
d) Thomas Walker

The early settlers sometimes used ____________, removing a band of bark all the way around a tree in order to kill it and clear it from the land
a) tomahawk rights
b) corn rights
c) girdling
d) trail rights

Draper's Meadow, the first settlement west of the Allegheny Divide, was founded by the
a) Germans
b) French
c) Scots-Irish
d) British

Various religious groups are known as
a) denominations
b) democracy
c) speculators
d) slavery

Split logs; often used to form the floor of a cabin
a) lean-to
b) puncheons
c) girdling
d) hominy

To implant into a person's mind
a) denominations
b) speculator
c) exodus
d) instill

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