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What are the basic categories of technical design?
a) Costumes, setting, lighting
b) Plot, setting, characters, theme
c) Sound, lights, costumes, props, set
d) Setting, theme, costumes, sounds, cues

The theatre began as what?
a) Chariot racing
b) Dancing
c) Writing
d) Worship

The first group of actors were called what?
a) Troupe
b) Dancers
c) Chorus
d) Singers

True or False: Women were allowed to perform in Greek plays.
a) True
b) False

Diction is
a) to be heard
b) to be believable
c) to be understood
d) to make a wide range of choices

Film started essentially as stage plays being recorded. The camera took the place of the what?
a) Audience
b) Stage Manager
c) Director
d) Set Designer

Who originally votes not guilty in 12 Angry Men?
a) Juror #8 because he thinks he is innocent
b) Juror #3 because he thinks he is innocent
c) Juror #8 because he thinks they should talk
d) Juror #3 because he thinks they should talk

Ziegfeld Follies was different from Showboat because
a) Follies didn't have a happy ending
b) Follies was not a book musical
c) Showboat was not a complete story
d) All of the above

George Melies is most famous for...
a) Performing in Hugo
b) Inventing the camera
c) Creating special effects
d) None of the above

What is the setting of 12 Angry Men?
a) Courtroom
b) Jury Room
c) Large Eastern City
d) All of the above

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