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Who started to classify galaxies?
a) Ammeraal
b) Bryson
c) Fine
d) Hubble

What is a galaxy?
a) Large group of stars, dust and planets
b) Large group of stars, suns and solars
c) Large group of stars, dust and gas
d) Large group of students who think they are stars.

what happens when gas in a nebula's center stops collapsing?
a) Boys went to Jupiter to get more stupider, girls went to college to get more knowledge
b) It started attracting dust.
c) It made a planet
d) a sun is born.

What are the inner planets with a rocky surface?
a) Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars
b) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
c) Venus, Pluto, Saturn and Mars
d) Saturn, Earth, Jupiter and Venus

The center of a collapsed cloud of gas and dust is very...
a) light and cool like Hailee
b) light and hot
c) dense and hot
d) dense and cold

what happens to the solar nebula over time?
a) It flattened out into a rotating disk
b) It became cooler and lighter
c) It expanded into the large sphere
d) T became the center of the universe.

In the solar nebula, bits of _______ collided & stuck together to form small bodies
a) Destiny
b) dust bunnies
c) dust
d) rock

The largest of colliding bodies in the solar system are called
a) planets
b) Logan and Ray
c) suns
d) plantismisals or small bodies

Some of the largest planetismisals were far enough away to attract...
a) a boyfriend or a girlfriend
b) nebula gases
c) tons of space dust
d) Left over space junk

which planets are big balls of gases?
a) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto
b) Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Neptune
c) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
d) Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Neptune

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