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what do you call our 9 planets, suns and moons?
a) Milky way
b) Solar Nebula
c) Galaxy
d) Solar system

Nebulas are found in the regions of space...
a) outside the solar system
b) Outside the force of gravity
c) inside stars
d) Between stars

Nebulas are a mixture of gases and...
a) water
b) vapor
c) dust
d) rock

which elements are found in the gases of Nebulas?
a) hydrogen & helium
b) Hydrogen and oxygen
c) carbon dioxide & helium
d) carbon dioxide & oxygen

The matter of a nebula is held together by...
a) space glue
b) gravity
c) Mrs. Ammeraal
d) space duct tape

How do we measure the energy of the particles in an object?
a) With a tape measure
b) Inches, feet and yards
c) Temperature--
d) It's weight

Gravity and pressure keep a nebula from collapsing by...
a) Blowing up air inside like a balloon
b) having so much dust it can't collapse
c) Mrs. Bryson using her super powers
d) Having a balance between outside pressure and inside gravitational pull

What 2 things can mess up the balance of gravitational pull and outside pressure in a nebula?
a) A solar system fight between planetary governments or space ships using photon torpedos
b) A collision of 2 nebulars or a star exploding
c) Mr. Fine or Mrs. Pinkham using their super powers.
d) Gases and dust

When a nebula collapses, small parts in the cloud get pushed together. They are called...
a) Globules
b) dust
c) Rain
d) Gas

What is a solar nebula?
a) a Cloud of rain
b) a cloud in the sun (solar)
c) A cloud of dust and gas
d) A cloud formed by thunder and lightning

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