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The chimney of a pioneer cabin that was made of a mixture of mud and twigs was known as a
a) cat and clay chimney
b) frontier chimney
c) backwwods chimney
d) mud chimney

One of the first people interested in settling western Virginia was Louis Michel, a native of
a) France
b) Germany
c) England
d) Switzerland

The language spoken in the mountains is commonly referred to as
a) Scottish English
b) Outlander English
c) Southern Mountain dialect
d) King's English

One who buys something, such as land, hoping that it will increase in value and provide a profit when sold is known as a profit when sold is know as a
a) grantor
b) spectator
c) speculator
d) sector

Pioneer clothing was most often
a) expensive
b) imported
c) very fancy
d) practical

Another name for ministers or priest is
a) clones
b) clergy
c) cliques
d) clerks

Marking trees around the border of a piece of land in order to ensure ownership of the land was know as exercising
a) indentured rights
b) property rights
c) tomahawk rights
d) trail rights

The term Pennsylvania Dutch came from the word Deutsch, which means
a) Polish
b) Protestnt
c) Irish
d) German

Any action that denies people their rights because of prejudice is know as
a) discrimination
b) distillation
c) abomination
d) affirmative action

Indentured servants usually served for a period of
a) seventeen years
b) seven years
c) seventy years
d) seven months

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