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How is a eukaryote different from a prokaryote?
a) It is larger.
b) It does not have a nucleus.
c) It has no cytoplasm.
d) It has no organelles.

What is the process by which a cell gets rid of large particles?
a) exocytosis
b) vesicle
c) diffusion
d) cell membrane

Which of the following statements is NOT part of the cell theory
a) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things.
b) All cells are produced from other cells.
c) Only animals are composed of cells.
d) All cells are produced from other cells.

The invention of what made it possible for people to discover cells?
a) camera
b) Xrays
c) microscope
d) electricity

What is the smallest unit that can perform all the processes necessary for life?
a) cell
b) nucleus
c) organelle
d) protist

Where do cells come from?
a) factories
b) cells
c) ponds
d) plants

What happens during the process of diffusion?
a) a cell surrounds and absorbs large particles
b) particles move from areas of lower concentration to higher concentration
c) a cell surrounds and gets rid of large particles
d) particles move from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration

During active transplant, the movement of particles from a less crowded area to a more crowded area requires
a) sunlight
b) energy
c) water
d) a membrane

Osmosis is important in cells because
a) cells are filled with fluids that are made mostly of water
b) cells need to get rid of large particles they don't need
c) cells need to move from place to place
d) cells are usually dry

Cell size is limited by the
a) thickness of the cell wall
b) size of the cell's nucleus
c) cell's surface are-to-volume ratio
d) amount of cytoplasm in the cell

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