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An agreed upon unit of measurement that all can use-teaspoon, cup, ounce, pint are examples
a) Mis En Place
b) Brunoise
c) Equivalent
d) Standard Measurements

Choosing a serving dish and arrangement of the food to present an appealing food item to the customer is called ____
a) Brunoise
b) Plating
c) Garnish
d) Knife Skills

To cut food into very small cubes, 1/8x1/8x1/8 inch .
a) Chop
b) Dice
c) Brunoise
d) Mince

To cut food into small cubes, 1/4 in to 1/2 in.
a) Slice
b) Mince
c) Chop
d) Dice

Inorganic substances that become part of the bones, tissues and fiber are called ____.
a) Minerals
b) Nutrient
c) Calorie
d) Vitamins

The process used to break food down into nutrients that can be absorbed into the bloodstream is called: ______.
a) Nutrition
b) Peristalsis
c) Digestion
d) Nutrient

This occurs when a particular nutrient is missing or available in limited amounts in one\'s diet.
a) Malnutrition
b) Calorie
c) Cholesterol
d) Nutrient Deficiency

The process that pushes food through the digestive tract is called _______.
a) Peristalsis
b) Nutrient Dense
c) Nutrition
d) Fiber

A(n) ____________ is a type of mental illness that affects a person\'s food habits.
a) Hunger
b) Eating Disorder
c) Dietary Guidelines
d) Appetite

Your favorite class of the entire semester was ________
a) Foods and Wellness
b) Foods and Wellness
c) Foods and Wellness
d) Foods and Wellness

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