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Something that is essential is called a(n) ______
a) Diet
b) Wellness
c) Need
d) Want

________ is a group of people's way of life. It may include language, beliefs, food choices, and clothing styles.
a) Appetite
b) Culture
c) Hunger
d) MyPlate

Your mind's way of telling you to eat is known as a(n) __________.
a) hunger
b) appetite
c) diet
d) meal pattern

______ is a graphic representation of a balanced meal plan.
a) MyPlate
b) MyHunger
c) Meal Pattern
d) Organic

The __________ encourage healthy people over age 2 to form healthy eating habits.
a) MyPlate
b) Appetite
c) Dietary Guidelines
d) Culture

______ is a philosophy that encourages people to take responsibility for their own physical, emotional and mental health.
a) Organic
b) Culture
c) MyPlate
d) Wellness

A person's _____ is all the food and drink he/she regularly consumes.
a) Diet
b) Needs
c) Organic
d) Vegetarian

Any food grown with no commercial fertilizers or pesticides is called _____.
a) Vegetarian
b) Diet
c) Inorganic
d) Organic

A(n) __________chooses to eat foods of plant origin.
a) Organic
b) Vegetarian
c) Eating Disorder
d) Appetite

A(n) _______________ centers on the basic foods normally served at each meal and how many meals are eaten in a day.
a) Need
b) Want
c) Meal Pattern
d) Diet

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