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An indigestible material in plant foods that provides bulk in our diet.
a) Cholesterol
b) Nutrient Deficiency
c) Minerals
d) Fiber

The body's chief source of energy; includes starches, sugars and fiber.
a) Complete Protein
b) Vitamins
c) Carbohydrates
d) Incomplete Protein

A unit used to measure energy in food is called a(n) ________.
a) Digestion
b) Calorie
c) Nutrient
d) Vitamins

Protein that contains all essential amino acids, in adequate amounts.
a) Fiber
b) Complete Protein
c) Incomplete Protein
d) Cholesterol

The study of how the body uses food is called _____________.
a) Nutrition
b) Peristalsis
c) Calorie
d) Nutrient

A chemical substance found in food that helps maintain the body.
a) Nutrient
b) Peristalsis
c) Malnutrition
d) Fiber

A fatlike substance found in every cell of the body.
a) Vitamins
b) Nutrition
c) Minerals
d) Cholesterol

A protein that is missing one or more of the essential amino acids is called a(n) _____.
a) Fiber
b) Incomplete Protein
c) Complete Protein
d) Carbohydrate

Serious health problems caused by poor nutrition are called _____.
a) Malnutrition
b) Peristalsis
c) Incomplete Protein
d) Nutrient Defiency

Foods that are low or moderate in calories, yet rich in important nutrients are called ____.
a) Minerals
b) Complete Protein
c) Vitamins
d) Nutrient Dense

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