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The average number of servings a recipe will make is called ___________.
a) garnish
b) plating
c) yield
d) standard measurement

To cut into very small or fine pieces is to ______________.
a) mince
b) brunoise
c) dice
d) chop

Equal to or substitute for means ____________________.
a) Yield
b) Standard Measurement
c) Equivalent
d) Mis-En Place

A food added to a dish for eye appeal is called a(n)____________________.
a) Brunoise
b) Plating
c) Knife Skills
d) Garnish

Knowing how to use and perform a variety of functions with sharp tools is_______.
a) Marinate
b) Knife Skills
c) Dice
d) Super Ninja Powers

To cut into small, uniform pieces is to _________________.
a) Chop
b) Mince
c) Julienne
d) Garnish

To cut away the outer covering of a fruit or a vegetable is to ______________
a) Dice
b) Chop
c) Mince
d) Pare

A French term meaning "to put in place"-preparing and assembling all needed equipment and ingredients for a particular dish.
a) Pare
b) Marinate
c) Mis-En Place
d) Knife Skills

To cut into matchstick pieces-long and narrow.
a) Julienne
b) Dice
c) Slice
d) Mince

To cut food into large, thin pieces.
a) Dice
b) Julienne
c) Brunoise
d) Slice

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