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The constitutional qualifications for the office of president include all of the following EXCEPT
a) naturalized or native born citizen
b) 14-year resident of U.S.
c) registered voter
d) 50 years of age

Which of the following characteristics is NOT descriptive of a professional campaign?
a) increased length of campaign
b) paid political consultant
c) increased costs of campaign
d) increased use of volunteers

The purpose of the Federal Election Commission is to
a) create an aura of good feeling in federal elections
b) oversee and enforce the provisions of the 1974 Federal Election Campaign Act.
c) scrutinize and attempt to discover loopholes in the 1974 Act
d) limit soft money in campaigns

Front-loading of presidential primaries refers to the practice of
a) spending massive sums of money on the first primary
b) moving presidential primary elections to the early part of the campaign.
c) using an early negative attack campaign
d) using the national convention to select the candidate

The framers of the constitution established the Electoral College because they wanted
a) to ensure the general population would have an opportunity to directly vote for president
b) only candidates for president and vice-president who had graduated from the Electoral College
c) the political parties to be able to control the selection of president and vice-president
d) the choice of president to be made by a few dispassionate, reasonable men

The major parties are not in favor of eliminating the Electoral College because
a) the electors are always in fluential party members, who might be offended
b) the major party candidates would not receive as much public funding
c) they fear it would give minor parties a more influential role in the election outcome
d) the masses are not capable of making this important decision

The form of ballot that encourages straight-ticket voting is the
a) closed ballot
b) open ballot
c) office-block ballot
d) party-column ballot

Which statement is correct with respect to age as a factor in voting?
a) age is not a significant factor in voting
b) turnout increases the older the age group until the age of 65-74
c) voting peaks wtih 35-44 age group
d) younger voters have more enthusiasm for voting than older voters

The Rational Ignorance Effect refers to
a) campaign spending
b) the reason people vote
c) the reason people do not vote
d) the voter registration process

Which of the following classes of people do have the right to vote?
a) noncitizens
b) convicted felons
c) current prison inmates
d) disabled citizens

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