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Rex: (shouting) I really like that idea! "(Shouting)" is an example of __________.
a) stage directions
b) dialogue
c) diction
d) tone

A long speech made by one character that everyone can hear is called a _________.
a) soliloquey
b) monologue
c) dialogue
d) nonfiction

__________ is an unfair opinion of something.
a) propaganda
b) testimonial
c) bias
d) opinion

A commercial claiming that 90 million people eat McDonalds is using which type of propaganda?
a) testimonial
b) emotional appeal
c) glittering generalities
d) bandwagon

If a makeup commercial claims that it's a miracle product, it's using which type of propaganda?
a) glittering generalities
b) card stacking
c) testimonial
d) name calling

Which of the following is NOT true about nonfiction?
a) It's about real people.
b) It's about things that might have happened.
c) It's about actual places.
d) It's about true events.

Which of the following is NOT a type of nonfiction?
a) biography
b) speech
c) novel
d) letter

The story of someone's life written by someone else is a ________.
a) biography
b) essay
c) journal
d) autobiography

Which of the following is an example of nonfiction.
a) When the family arrived, the beach was crowded.
b) Shells were crawling along the beach, like they were possessed.
c) The dolphins were jumping from the water, warning the beach goers to stand back.
d) The family turned around the drove their flying car back to their home.

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of nonfiction?
a) to give us information
b) to teach us
c) to explain
d) to interupt

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