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When she saw the hummingbird, she remembered the time she walked with her mother in the park. This is an example of _______.
a) flashback
b) foreshadowing
c) allusion
d) irony

A __________ page lists the sources you used to gather information for your paper.
a) biography
b) conclusion
c) source
d) works cited

A ____ grabs the reader's attention.
a) joke
b) quote
c) hook
d) thesis

The sentence that states the topics of your entire paper is called ____.
a) thesis
b) theme
c) topic
d) hook

Words like "first, next, moving on, and finally" are examples of _____.
a) timing
b) transition
c) topic
d) translation

___________ is when one thing stands for another.
a) salute
b) foreshadow
c) symbolism
d) flashback

Which of the following is ironic?
a) A policeman is pulled over for speeding.
b) A girl gets into a fight.
c) It flooded when the storm came.
d) The window cracks because of the hail.

______________ is the way a character speaks.
a) dialogue
b) accent
c) quote
d) diction

Which of the following is NOT an idiom?
a) I'm going to hit the hay!
b) You better hit the road!
c) Don't get ahead of yourself!
d) That's like beating a dead horse!

___________ is a hint or clue of something that's going to happen.
a) flashback
b) allusion
c) foreshadowing
d) tone

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