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1. Yesterday Rosita rode her bicycle 2 1/4 miles. Today she rode it one and one-third times as far. How far did Rosita ride today?
a) 3/4
b) 1 1/12
c) 1 11/16
d) 3

2. Over a 4-week period, the price of a gallon of gas changed by -12 cents. What was the average change per week?
a) -48
b) -8
c) -3
d) 3

3. A floral designer cuts ribbon into 0.8 meter pieces to tie around flower vases. If the ribbon comes on a 40-meter spool, how many pieces of ribbon can be cut from one spool?
a) 2
b) 5
c) 32
d) 50

4. Barrow, Alaska Temperatures Lowest -56; highest 79 What is the difference between these two temperatures?
a) -135
b) 135
c) -23
d) 23

5. Sam followed this recipe. 1 2/3 cup raisin, 1 3/4 cups nuts, 2 cups dry cereal How much trail mix did Sam make?
a) 5 1/2
b) 4 2/3
c) 4 5/7
d) 4 5/12

6. 1. A canal boat went through 5 locks. The table shows each lock and the distance the boat ascended or descended. How much higher or lower was the boat after Lock 5?
a) 41 lower
b) 59 higher
c) 18 higher
d) 18 lower

7. The golden ratio is used in art and architecture. A rectangle whose length is 1.618 times its width is called a golden rectangle. A rectangle with which of the following dimensi
a) 1 x 2.618
b) 1.618 x 1.618
c) 1 x 3.236
d) 2 x 3.236

3. 4. 5. Tom, Amir, Troy, and Eric ate lunch at a restaurant. Each lunch cost $12.49. Tom tipped 15%. Amir left 50 cents more than Tom. Troy left the change from $15. Eric left $2.00. Who left the largest tip?
a) Tom
b) Amir
c) Troy
d) Eric

The density of copper is 8.96 grams per cubic centimeter. Estimate the space that would be occupied by 200 grams of copper.
a) 170
b) 180
c) 1700
d) 1800

10. The average distance from Jupiter to the sun is 483.8 million miles. What is this distance in scientific notation?
a) 4.838 x 10^4
b) 4.838 x 10^6
c) 4.838x10^8
d) 4838x10^8

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