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What is the single most important reason that the current nomination process has not been reformed?
a) lack of real reform issues
b) the political parties' opposition
c) provisions in the U.S. Constitution that would have to be amended
d) strong resistance from the states that benefit from the current system

The National Voter Registration Act (1993) provides for
b) a requirement that states designate offices that provide welfare and disabled assistance to facilitate voter registration
c) a requirement that states allow registration by mail
d) all

Compared to other countries, Americans hold
a) more elections for more offices
b) fewer elections for more offices
c) fewer elections for fewer offices
d) more elections for fewer offices

All of the following are true concerning voter turnout EXCEPT
a) voter turnout is highest in presidential elections
b) voter turnout is higher in general elections than in primary elections
c) voter turnout is higher in local elections than in national elections
d) voter turnout is higher in primary elections than in special elections

The level of voting increases with increase in
a) education
b) age
c) income
d) all

All of the following are true EXCEPT
a) the percentage of men and women voting is roughly equal
b) increases in age are usually related to an increase in propensity to vote
c) increases in education usually indicate increased voting
d) race seems unimportant as a factor in predicting voting behavior

The trend in the past few decades seems to indicate that Americans increasingly vote
a) for candidates rather than parties
b) on issues rather than candidates
c) as Independents
d) for parties rather than candidates or issues

If no candidate wins a majority of the Electoral College votes, the election is decided by the
a) House of Representatives
b) Senate
c) Supreme Court
d) people

Electors are chosen by
a) party leaders
b) party caucus
c) state laws
d) the governor of each state

The impact of presidential popularity is termed the
a) spill-over effect
b) incumbency effect
c) coattail effect
d) election effect

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