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What does NOT have to be included on a job application?
a) Age
b) Social security number
c) Previous work experience
d) Education

are created by mixing secondary and primary colors together.
a) Tertiary colors
b) Subtractive colors
c) Spot colors
d) Process colors

A printing method that only uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create millions of colors is called:
a) Process color
b) Tertiary
c) Additive color
d) Chroma

is camera ready copy consisting of lines, solid color and shades of color created with a dot pattern.
a) Line art
b) Continuous tone
c) Halftone
d) Final sketch

What do they call the duplexed printed pages that make up the pages of a book?
a) SIgnature
b) Printed sheets
c) Double sided printed sheet
d) Dual page

What is the minimum resolution for print quality?
a) 300
b) 72
c) 150
d) 100

is a form of drawing, when a picture is created with all dots of densities.
a) Stippling
b) Halftoning
c) Perspective
d) Cartooning

paints are opaque and are also plastic based.
a) Acrylic
b) Oil
c) Water
d) Process

A is one line of type in a paragraph by itself at the top of a page or column.
a) Widow
b) Orphan
c) Loner
d) Bachelor

What is xheight?
a) The height of a lowercase x
b) The height of a capital X
c) The width of a letter
d) The same as an EM

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