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__________ is what happens in a story.
a) character
b) tone
c) theme
d) plot

"Never talk to strangers" is an example of ________.
a) title
b) theme
c) tone
d) fact

Which point of view is from a character outside the story who knows everything about all characters?
a) third person omniscient
b) third person limited
c) second person
d) first person

"Bricks build beautiful bridges" is an example of _________.
a) simile
b) personifiction
c) alliteration
d) hyperbole

_________ are cautionary tales.
a) legends
b) fables
c) tall tales
d) myth

Which of the following is not an example of onomatopoeia?
a) boom
b) pop
c) crack
d) hush

A fable teaches a _______, or lesson.
a) joke
b) moral
c) consequence
d) rule

Which is the major turning point of the story?
a) resolution
b) twist
c) rising action
d) climax

What is the major problem of the story?
a) conflict
b) plot
c) climax
d) point of view

Which of the following is not a feature of haiku?
a) Japanese
b) usually about nature
c) seventeen syllables
d) four lines

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