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Fancy type that does NOT fall into any standard classification is called .
a) Novelty or decorative
b) Fancy
c) Odd or unique
d) Script

Water colors are usually very .
a) Transparent
b) Thick
c) Bright
d) Dull

If a design is laid out in a pattern, this means everything lines up.
a) Grid
b) Block
c) Perspective
d) Balanced

What does align center mean?
a) All lines of type are centered on top of each other
b) The first line of type is centered
c) The last line of type is centered
d) All lines of type are justified

Another name for a page layout software is:
a) Desktop publishing
b) Animation
c) Word processing
d) Photo manipulation

What is continuous tone copy?
a) Copy with many shades and tones
b) Copy that's just black & white
c) Copy with solid shapes
d) Copy consisting of just lettering

in a design can either be formal, which means everything is even and symmetrical or informal, which means everything is uneven and asymmetrical.
a) Balance
b) Proportion
c) Contrast
d) Repetition

is a form of drawing that makes objects appear 3-D.
a) Perspective
b) Cartooning
c) Posing
d) Stippling

Old English is a type style in the classification and should never be written in all caps.
a) Text
b) Roman
c) Script
d) Serif

A is one word on a line by itself at the end of a paragraph.
a) Orphan
b) Widow
c) Loner
d) Bachelor

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